Friday, December 28, 2007

They Killed Bhutto

News from Pakistan yesterday is very depressing. The fact is, whether Binazir Bhutto was killed by Al Qaeda proper or whether Musharaf somehow inspired them to do it, she was killed by a Jihadist Islamist.

Her killers are hysterical hypocrites who cry and moan about Musharaf's tyranny then they turn around and kill innocent people for their jihadist cause. The mother fucker who killed her is the kind of person who would rather die than be ruled by a bright educated woman who believes in democracy and at the same time he would passionately preach about how women are much better off living under the rule of mullahs and Sheikhs.

Imagine what the world would be like if in a few years when you might have fucked up nuclear armed Islamic regimes in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya, Syria... 9/11 will look like a joke.

The people of Pakistan are being double screwed by the corrupt "secular" Musharaf and the mad Qaeda dick heads with little hope for anything better. Egyptians, Palestinians, Jordanians and many other people in "Muslim" states are subjected to the same kind of double penetration.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tricky One

Interesting drama going on after blogger Wael Abbas published his latest torture video.

I will try to be as brief as possible. The torture video of a man brutally hitting a woman and forcing her to take her clothes off, was anonymously sent to Abbas, who published the audio on youtube. The audio was accompanied by still images of the attack. Wael said that he didn't publish the whole video to protect the identity of the victim and that the sender of the clip claimed that the assailant was a police officer (he had what appeared to be a gun wedged in the back of his pants).

Then Wael was a interviewed on an Al Mihwar TV show during which the channel decided to show the video.

The host of the show appeared to try to discredit the blogger by:
1- Raising the possibility that this may not be a police torture video (How can anyone be sure that the attacker was actually a policeman?)
2- Implying that Abbas is waging an unfair campaign against the police.

(Note that Abbas exposed several REAL police brutality cases on his blog)

It is clear that the video was not shot in a police station. It was in a flat bedroom and the weirdest thing appears on the video that was shown on TV; while the attack was taking place the dick head in the picture (above) walks in front of the camera and waves his hands wearing an extremely moronic smile on his face and a voice (probably the guy holding the camera, is heard saying: "keep your voice down guys" - when the woman screams in pain after receiving powerful blows to the face. During the TV show the following theories were suggested:

1- Maybe the assailant is a pimp attacking a prostitute and therefore the police has nothing to do with this.

2- Maybe the police themselves leaked this faked video to Wael and they now plan to prove that this is a faked video in front of a court and accuse Abbas of publishing false information which could lead to his imprisonment. (You might think that the Egyptian authorities would be stupid to jail a high profile blogger like Wael, but (a) they are stupid and (b) after what happened to Kareem Amer, anything is possible.)

3- Maybe the video is indeed a police brutality case.

A human rights lawyer has filed a case calling for a full investigation. So we'll see what happens. Amazing shit.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Crush Fetish and Double Penetration of Egyptians

The great Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas recently published new police torture videos.

In one of these videos a detainee is sitting on the floor in a police station with his hands tied behind his back while a policeman kicks him in the face.

It is amazing that despite the furor that resulted from previous leaked torture videos, police officers in Egypt continue to produce and circulate such images.

Either these officers are extremely stupid, which is very possible. or most of them have a sexual perversion called crush fetish, where the guy with the camera gets aroused by watching others crush weaker beings and then passes on the video to fellow fetishists till it leaks to Wael Abbas.

The average Egyptian now finds him/herself screwed by both Islamists who want to turn Egypt into a more fucked up version of Iran and a brutal corrupt government that will use any means at its disposal to hang on to power.

This double screwing that the average Egyptian is subjected to is referred to in porn literature as DP "Double Penetration".

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Suicide Immigrants

Over the past few months, hundreds of young Egyptian men drowned in the Mediterranean while trying to illegally immigrate to Europe.

Because these men were from poor and marginalized sections of the society, nobody is giving a shit about this tragedy except their families and friends.

The most disgusting thing is that the government is trying to portray them as greedy and stupid people who have been fooled by human traffickers.

These dead men were young and unemployed with no hope of achieving anything in their country. Had they remained in Egypt it would have been slow death anyway, so why not risk their lives on these suicidal boat trips across the Mediterranean if they stand a chance to succeed?

If it wasn't for our governments disgraceful mismanagement of the economy and total failure to tackle corruption these young men would have been alive today. Lots of people have blood on their hands and it's not just the human trafficking gangs.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Where is Egypt heading?

Nawal El Saadawi is, beyond the slightest doubt, a literary genuis. She is celebrated and respected all over the world and her books have been translated to many languages earning her deserved recognition for being a talented novelist, a feminist and an outspoken activist against oppression and corruption.

A little stinky peace of shit called Samir Sabri (also a lawyer), is suing Saadawi who is currently living in the US for blasphemy and wants the court to strip her of her Egyptian citizenship and prevent her from ever entering Egypt again.

What a fucking loser. Is everything in Egypt OK now and this slime ball cannot find anything meaningful to do except harass a little old lady? Is that how Islamists protect their religion?

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Stopping the subsidies

The Egyptian government wants to scrap the subsidies program which provides millions of Egyptians with affordable food, transportation, water and energy.

Subsidies cost the government about 12 billion dollars a year, which is eating up a considerable chunk of the budget. The IMF and The World Bank have been pushing Mubarak to do this for over 20 years.

But this is going to be very tricky for Mubarak. Out of a population of 78 million people, there are more than 15 million who are living below the poverty line (earning leas than two dollars a day).

Scrapping the subsidies will definitely push more people into poverty.

Risky business. Let's see how it will unfold.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mohammed the mole... no sorry it's Morgan

A British children’s author who named a mole Mohammed to promote multiculturalism has renamed it Morgan for fear of offending Muslims.

The author said that he tried “hard to embrace other cultures and I had no idea it would backfire like this. I was in Egypt this year and everyone was called Mohammed. I just thought it was a popular name”.

It's sad that of all people, those who work on educating Muslim kids or promoting tolerance twards Muslims should fear being rewarded with a fatwa or demonstrations calling for their execution.

There is something seriously wrong here.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Evel Knievel RIP

One of my childhood heros.