Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tricky One

Interesting drama going on after blogger Wael Abbas published his latest torture video.

I will try to be as brief as possible. The torture video of a man brutally hitting a woman and forcing her to take her clothes off, was anonymously sent to Abbas, who published the audio on youtube. The audio was accompanied by still images of the attack. Wael said that he didn't publish the whole video to protect the identity of the victim and that the sender of the clip claimed that the assailant was a police officer (he had what appeared to be a gun wedged in the back of his pants).

Then Wael was a interviewed on an Al Mihwar TV show during which the channel decided to show the video.

The host of the show appeared to try to discredit the blogger by:
1- Raising the possibility that this may not be a police torture video (How can anyone be sure that the attacker was actually a policeman?)
2- Implying that Abbas is waging an unfair campaign against the police.

(Note that Abbas exposed several REAL police brutality cases on his blog)

It is clear that the video was not shot in a police station. It was in a flat bedroom and the weirdest thing appears on the video that was shown on TV; while the attack was taking place the dick head in the picture (above) walks in front of the camera and waves his hands wearing an extremely moronic smile on his face and a voice (probably the guy holding the camera, is heard saying: "keep your voice down guys" - when the woman screams in pain after receiving powerful blows to the face. During the TV show the following theories were suggested:

1- Maybe the assailant is a pimp attacking a prostitute and therefore the police has nothing to do with this.

2- Maybe the police themselves leaked this faked video to Wael and they now plan to prove that this is a faked video in front of a court and accuse Abbas of publishing false information which could lead to his imprisonment. (You might think that the Egyptian authorities would be stupid to jail a high profile blogger like Wael, but (a) they are stupid and (b) after what happened to Kareem Amer, anything is possible.)

3- Maybe the video is indeed a police brutality case.

A human rights lawyer has filed a case calling for a full investigation. So we'll see what happens. Amazing shit.

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