Friday, November 30, 2007

"Don't call me a terrorist please, I am a dickhead"

While carrying banners that read " revenge revenge revenge", thousands of peace loving Sudanese angels, many carrying knives and sticks, peacefully protested in Khartoum today after prayers to the all merciful, calling for the execution of the 54 year old British teacher Gillian Gibbons convicted of insulting Islam for letting her students name a teddy bear Muhammad.

At the same time, Gillian Gibbons said from her prison cell that she does not want any resentment towards Muslim people.

The contrast is amazing.

The role of the Sudanese government in this crisis is equally amazing. Troops were at the demonstration, but they did not interfere. I wonder if they would have done the same if this was an anti-government demonstration. They probably would have killed them all.

This teddy bear scandal deserves a whole chapter in the Guiness-Book-of-Muslims-doing-stupid-things-to-make-themselves-

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