Thursday, November 29, 2007

On Insulting Islam In Sudan

The Sudanese government decided Wednesday to charge a British primary school teacher with blasphemy, inciting hatred and insulting Islam after she allowed her 7-year-old students to name a class teddy bear Muhammad.

Now we have to remember that this is a government that organized the massacre of 200,000 of its own people in Darfur, so we are talking about serious psychotic dick heads here.

It's futile to find a logical explanation for deranged behavior. Do they really believe that they are defending Islam? I don't think so simply because they are fucking mass murderers. Are they just trying to annoy Britain because of the stand-off with the west over Darfur? I don't how this can help them in any way.

The Sudanese government dudes are making big fools out of themselves. I feel sorry for the Sudanese people who are ruled by such idiots, but aren't we all?

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