Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fake Virginity

Poor Egyptian women. They take so much shit from us men.

If you are an Egyptian man just try to envisage yourself with the misfortune of being born a woman... From childhood, your male dominated society will make you feel guilty and bad about yourself. You are nothing but a sex object owned by your father till he hands you over to your husband.

You marry a dude you never really loved. You married him because he is "suitable" and you have to be a virgin when you marry him. If you are not, you're screwed (or honour killed). If yu are a virgin, you're screwed just the same because you'll spend the rest of your life with him.

If you are a man you can have premarital sex... no problem at all, but if you are a woman its a different story. You are a sharmoota (whore) unless you get a hymen repair or buy a virginity faking device.

So a woman who can fake her virginity, then fake orgasms and fake faithfulness makes her husband a truly happy man living a fake life thanking god everyday for giving him a wonderful wife and wonderful kids who may not be his anyway.

To women it doesnt matter if you deceive the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. If he wants a virgin, give him a virgin.

We men think that by being dick heads we will ensure domination over women. Why do we insist on marrying virgins? Whats so great about virgins?

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ramadan Facsism

Arresting people for eating or drinking in public during Ramadan was unthinkable a few years ago. This is scary.

I generally don't eat or drink in public in Ramadan, but I reserve my right to do so if I fucking wish to. Last week I genuinely forgot about the fasting thing and I lit up a cigarette in the street. People gave me creepy looks and taxis wouldn't stop for me. Then all of a sudden it hit me and I threw the cigarette away. I cant believe that I could have been arrested.

How can they do this in a country where one in ten people is a Christian? I don't get it, what is the fucking message here? Do they want to force people to fast? Why? What if a Muslim (or a non-Muslim) doesn't want to fast, why should he or she pretend to be fasting? And why is it offending to people who are fasting to see someone eating or drinking? Who is behind this?

The saddest thing for me was to the amount of support for the arrests. Listen to what the pimp Ezzat Abu Aouf said.

This is very dangerous because once we start going down the slippery slope of religious fascism, Egypt will become another Afghanistan in no time.

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