Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gaza Assault and the Iranian Nuclear Threat

It is day five of "Operation Cloud Pillar" launched by Israel against the Gaza militants and the tensions are escalating. Israel wants to eliminate the Palestinian groups rocket launching capabilities but if you look at the bigger picture it gets more interesting. The biggest threat facing Israel now is the possibility of Iran developing a nuclear weapon. Israel can launch an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities but this does not guarantee stopping the Iranians from building the bomb. What does this have to do with Gaza? Ok, imagine that Iran is in possession of some sort of nuclear weapon and it wants to hit Israel. They can launch it with a long range missile from somewhere inside Iran or from the waters of the gulf. In this case Israel could intercept the missile and you would have a nuclear explosion over Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or Jordan. The other option for the Iranians would be to launch their weapon from Syria, Lebanon or Gaza. I could be wrong but maybe this is why Saudi Arabia and Qatar are working with Israel to topple the Pro Iran Assad regime in Syria and this is why Israel has turned now to Gaza. If I am right, then Hezbullah and Lebanon will be next. We'll see.


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