Monday, December 26, 2011

Promotion of Virtue My Ass

A facsist facebook group was created today under the title of "The Committee of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Egypt".

I am disgusted because something stinks.

Sandmonkey alluded to a very alarming fact in his latest blog post. He mentioned that an "Egyptian Bloc" campaign operative was arrested in Suez by the military police at a polling station for filming the army promoting the Salafi Nour Party (with a big banner carrying the Noor Party slogan being placed on the side of an Army Truck) and his film was confiscated.

Is SCAF playing with fire? Promoting the Salafis to force Egyptians to choose between military rule and Salafi rule?

If this is the case then you have several players conspiring against democracy and freedom in Egypt:

1) SCAF with its huge vested political and economic interests.
2) The Salafis who ultimately want to turn Egypt to a Taleban state.
3) The Saudi Wahabis who are funding the Salafis and share with them (and SCAF) the desire to torpedo the revolution and kill democratic aspirations in Egypt.

What will happen when the vice and virtue scum bags start operating on Egyptian streets?

I remember an incident that happened to me in the mid 80's when I was a student at Cairo university. I was approached by a group of 4 fellow students who were members of the Islamic Group (El Gamaa El Islameya). They asked me to join them in the mosque for prayers, but I said no. They got aggressive and started directing verbal abuse at me. I started shouting and made it clear that I was not going to give in to their bullying and they backed off.

If you give the likes of these wankers a free hand to promote their shit in the streets it will get ugly and I fear that this is what some want.

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