Sunday, March 30, 2008

Abu Hamza

Abu Hamza is a nasty SOB. He is an Egyptian international terrorist currently living in a high security prison in England after being convicted of terrorist charges. He is wanted in at least two countries, the US and Yemen and was employed as a terrorist in at least two other countries, Afghanistan and Bosnia. He lost both his arms (now uses a hook on his right arm) and also lost vision in his left eye.

Abu Hamza was recently interviewed in his prison cell. This is a transcript:

- Q: How did you lose your arms?
- AH: It happened in Afghanistan. I was preparing an explosive device and it accidently went off.
- Q: Is that how you lost your eye too?
- AH: No. I was looking up and a bird pooped in my eye.
- Q: Can you go blind if a bird poops in your eyes?
- AH: No. It was my first day with the new hook on.


The Arab Summit

Q: What sounds like this?


A: A chainsaw inside the Arab Summit meeting.

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The right candidate

A young man applies for a place in the Egyptian Police Academy and is invited for an interview.

The interviewer says 'right first question, how would you torture a suspect into confessing and how would you arrest a corrupt member of the NDP?' so the interviewee asks 'why do you want me to arrest a corrupt member of the NDP?' to which the interviewer replies 'good answer, you're in.'


Sunday, March 23, 2008

The future is thick

You know the anger and frustration you feel when confronted by stupidity? Bad new... you better learn how to deal with it because there is going to be alot more of it in the future.

The kind of stupidity that pours out of the mouths of our government dudes or that you hear on TV and read in the papers, not to mention the everyday life stupidity at work and in the street. All of that will exponentially multiply. Why? you may ask.

Because our education system is shit.

In Egypt, it will be particularly bad because of our large population.

This is good news for the jihadi dickheads and muslim brother assholes. More people will believe their shit.

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