Sunday, March 30, 2008

Abu Hamza

Abu Hamza is a nasty SOB. He is an Egyptian international terrorist currently living in a high security prison in England after being convicted of terrorist charges. He is wanted in at least two countries, the US and Yemen and was employed as a terrorist in at least two other countries, Afghanistan and Bosnia. He lost both his arms (now uses a hook on his right arm) and also lost vision in his left eye.

Abu Hamza was recently interviewed in his prison cell. This is a transcript:

- Q: How did you lose your arms?
- AH: It happened in Afghanistan. I was preparing an explosive device and it accidently went off.
- Q: Is that how you lost your eye too?
- AH: No. I was looking up and a bird pooped in my eye.
- Q: Can you go blind if a bird poops in your eyes?
- AH: No. It was my first day with the new hook on.



  • Terrorism in Bosnia?

    The Muslims of Bosnia were attacked by the Serb beast, Islam was attacked, 100`s of mosques burned and muslims persecuted and sent to the grave. 7000 Arabs came to defend and save us are they terrorists? defending the weak. Why are the British in afghanistan? when it is an american war? are they foreign terrorist fighters mix that shit up and get a wiff of reality wanker

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:31 PM, May 23, 2008  

  • If you like those jihadis fuck heads so much you can take them all and keep them.

    By Blogger zabinzo, At 7:26 PM, May 25, 2008  

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