Monday, February 18, 2008

The Bunny Takes On The Zionists

Hamas' clever propaganda machine unleashes a new secret weapon... Bugs Bunny.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Principles" the Arab way

Arab governments agreed on a resolution to formalize the censorship of Arabic TV stations. Interestingly they called it the "Charter of Principles".

The resolution was sponsored by the governments of Egypt and Saudi Arabia (two of the most principled governments in our region).

It prohibits criticism of Arab leaders and religious figures and warns that satellite channels should not harm:
1- Social peace
2- National unity
3- Public order
4- Arab morals
5- The highest interests of the Arab world.

It also demands "adherence to objectivity, sincerity and respect to the dignity of the countries, nations and their national sovereignty." and provides for offended countries to suspend, terminate or refuse to renew the licenses of TV network offices on their soil.

What the fuck does all this mean. Can anyone help explain?

What I found really disturbing is the language used by the Egyptian Information Minister. This is what he had to say:

Some satellite channels have deviated from the right path. There are violations that have taken place, violations taking place around the clock, which require a serious stance.

It sounds so... fucking old fashioned with a nazi/stalinist/fascist stink to it.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Has cyber-terror reached new depths?

Fibre-optic cables carrying internet traffic are snapping all around the Middle East. The conspiracy theorists have started to point fingers at Islamic fundies. I wouldn't rule this out firstly because these cables are very strong and they don't just snap and secondly because I hate the fundies and I am always happy to put the blame on them.

Check out this cool graphic. I never knew that the whole world was physically connected with these cables. I wrongly thought internet traffic was mainly through satellites.


According to this, the two Alexandria cables were not ripped by ships, so is Al Qaeda going to claim responsibiity?


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Who's Stupid Idea Was This?

The Egyptian soccer team is competing for the African Nations Cup title in Ghana and doing really well, but today, a Reuters photographer had this to report from the Egyptians' practice session:

Egypt's players sacrificed a cow during a training session on Friday to bring them luck at the African Nations Cup.

The players surrounded the cow when it was released on to the field and pulled it to the ground before one of them killed it by stabbing it in the neck.

Team sources said the ritual was to bring them luck and that the meat would be donated.

What a moronic thing to do. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong sacrifice. Why did they do this???????????

Who was the dickhead who let them do this? Do they realize how bad this makes them look?