Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saudi Clerics Have Gone Mad

The role of religious authorities in any religion is usually to guide their followers along the path of morality and virtue and I have no problem with that concept.

But in Saudi Arabia it doesn't quite work this way. Two very interesting Fatwas have been issued lately. Sheikh Saleh Lihedan, a leading Saudi cleric has sanctioned the killing of media tycoons he blames for causing the “deviance of thousands of people.”

Mr. Lihedan thinks that some Arab TV channels are not kosher (or halal) and he is perfectly entitled to that opinion. The problem is, what does he do about it? He openly calls for the killing of innocent people. That for me does not fit very well with morality and virtue.

The other fatwa was issued by another prominent Saudi cleric, Sheikh Abdallah Bin Jebrin. He said on the Wahabi TV channel "Al Majd" that journalists who criticize clerics should be fired from their jobs and jailed and tortured. What a fucking dick head.

See what they are trying to say? If we dont like what you're doing we'll kill you and you're not even allowed to criticize us.

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