Sunday, March 11, 2012

Samira Ibrahim

This dick head is Ahmed Adel, an army doctor who was accused of conducting the virginity tests on Samira Ibrahim and other female demonstrators who were arrested in Tahrir on March 10, 2011. He was acquitted today by a military court.
Even though SCAF admitted carrying out these tests that were condemned in Egypt and around the world, they still got the military court to acquit this criminal to discredit Samira and humiliate the whole pro freedom and democracy youth movement.
Adel is a very small potato in this game and if there was a real will to punish the masterminds behind the horrific virginity tests crime, then the whole military council should have been behind bars.
SCAF are manoeuvring to bring back a Mubarak style repressive and corrupt police state in which they would preserve their economic interests and enjoy impunity.
SCAF will eventually lose the battle against a very resolute and determined young generation but sadly it will take time because their corrupt and oppressive regime is very deeply entrenched and is still in control.
It will be a long battle.