Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The guys in charge of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in Egypt are not making a good impression of themselves. Reading this makes you think that they are really not a very bright bunch.

They arrest a group of female protesters in Tahrir Square on March 9 and they think that these women are going to falsely accuse them of raping them, so what do they do? They subject them to forced virginity tests.

Amnesty International's secretary general, Salil Shetty rightly said that this doesnt make any sense.

What kind of idiot would commit torture and sexual abuse to avoid being accused of rape? This is not clever to say the least.

The military council dude who met the amnesty sec gen spoke again... and made things worse. He said that women seeking to work for the army are required to undertake ‘virginity tests’!

Isn't this a bit perverted? Why should any woman applying for any job be subjected to this?

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Saturday, June 04, 2011


قتل إنسان مصري (سائق ميكروباص) مساء أمس في الأزبكية وهناك روايتان لما حدث.

الرواية الأولي تقول إن القتيل اعتدى بالضرب على ضابط وأن المارة تعاطفوا مع الضابط فقتلوا السائق وهي رواية غير مقنعة بالمرة، فأنا شخصيا لا يمكن أن أتعاطف مع أي ضابط شرطة لو ضربه سائق ميكروباص.

الرواية الثانية وهي الأقرب للواقع تقول إن السائق قتل على أيدي ضباط وجنود قسم الأزبكية.

والمزعج في الأمر أن التلفزيون المصري الحقير وأغلب وسائل الإعلام ظلت تروج الأكاذيب والروايات الخيالية لجريمة قتل السائق بما يوحي أننا لا نزال نعيش في عصر مبارك والعادلي وصفوت الشريف.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hamza Al Khatib

Hamza was a 13 year old from boy from a village near Deraa,, Syria. On April 29 he was arrested and on May 27 his mutilated body was handed to his family along with a threats of harming them if they spoke out. The dead body of this child was subjected to horrific injuries:

Bullet wounds on his arms
Black eyes
Marks consistent with electric shocks
Whip marks
His neck had been broken
His penis was cut off.

Hamza's 65 year old father, his uncle and his brother were detained after his body was released.

How can a human being do this to a child and a family. There are no words to describe Bashar Al Assad and his mob. I feel sick as I am typing this post.

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