Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hassan Shehata is a Dimwit

Hassan Shehata, the Egyptian soccer team coach said that he only wants players who observe Islam, and said his team selection is based equally on religious piety and skill.

I have neve heard such bullshit in my life from a soccer coach. Footballers in general are not known for their above average intelligence and I guess this shows how religious conservatism in Egypt has spread to very alarming levels among retards like Shehata.

First of all, the game of football can be seriously harmed by such stupidity because potentially players who are talented and skilled will be excluded from the national team (or other teams) because they are not "religious" enough.

It is also discriminatory against players who have the right to be as religious or unreligious as they fucking well please. Why should an atheist footballer's career suffer because of his convictions?

And who is the coach to judge how religious the players are? A soccer coach's area of experise is supposed to be the tactics and techniques of football and not religion and heaven & hell shit.

If this was to happen in any civilized place, Shehata would have been sacked immediately and sent to a loonie hospital.

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The Egyptian authorities arrested and will prosecute activists and bloggers who traveled to Nagaa Hamadi to meet the families of the Copts who were massacred on Christmas eve and express solidarity with them. What the fuck will they accuse them of?

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Up in the Hair

What kind of shoe polish does Mubarak use to dye his hair? He has been doing it for at least 20 or 30 years now. Thats a lot of shoe polish. It must have cost a fortune.