Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sawiris and the Salafi Micky Mouse

This is the picture that angered the Salafis and made them take Naguib Sawiris to court and accuse him of insulting Islam.

First of all its a ridiculous accusation because he did not insult Islam. He poked fun at the absurd way the salafis dress. Completely different things. If you think that salafis dress like clowns you are not insulting Islam.

Even the radical Muslim Brothers dont dress like the idiot salafis and they dont call for women to wear the oppressive niqab.

By posting this picture Sawiris highlighted something very important, which is how the salafis are trying to enforce their stupidity on us and demonize anyone who would dare to object.

The salafis are adopting the attire of their fellow idiots, the Saudi wahabis which according to them is what prophet Mohammad and his followers used to wear 1400 years ago.

But as the late and great Farag Fouda explains in this clip, there is no such thing as "Islamic dress". The prophet used to wear the clothes that were common in his days. Even his enemies used to wear the same clothes.

Basically what the salafis are trying here is to force their twisted ideology on us and to incite and agitate against Christians and the fact that their deranged lawsuit was accepted by the judicial is worrying.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

إيه الخرا ده؟

الكلام عن إن تهنئة غير المسلمين بأعيادهم الدينية حرام بجد حاجة تقرف واللي بيرددوه ناس زبالة

لو إنت هندوسي وبتحتفل بعيد الأنوار وأنا كونفوشي ولا أؤمن بالهندوسية إيه المانع إني أهنيك؟ أبقى كفرت بتعاليم كونفوشيوس؟

لما شيخ يقول إن عشان احنا لا نؤمن بصلب المسيح ويحرم علينا تهنئة المسيحيين بعيد القيامة يبقى مصر في طريقها لأن تصبح أوسخ من إيران والسعودية وأفغانستان

بنفس المنطق لو أنا مسلم معتدل وشايف إن السلفيين بيزودوها حبتين وإن الوهابية تطرف يبقى لو في يوم اسطبحت على خلقة سلفي حرام أقول له صباح الخير ويستحسن أتف في خلقة أمه

ليه الناس دي مش عايزة تفهم إن الاختلاف مش مشكلة وإن التسامح يعني قبول الاختلاف؟ إيه الصعوبة في الفكرة دي

بطلوا خرا بقا

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