Thursday, November 19, 2009

Egypt Vs Algeria... Pure Hatred

There are rumours that Algerian and Egyptians soccer fans died in clashes and attacks and confirmed news that many were injured and others died from heart attacks...

The hatred and incitement is mad. A TV presenter openly called for killing Algerians in Egypt in retaliation against attacks on Egyptians in Sudan after the match.

Sports were not meant for us. When people go out to attack and kill because they won or lost a football match it proves how screwed up in the head they are.

Now lets look at this from a slightly different angle. Something doesn't make sense here because Algerians and Egyptians should be best buddies. They have so much in common: Both have a passion for religious fundamentalism. They love the hijab and the niqab. They live under dictatorships. They are poor and oppressed. Not very keen on hard work. Hypocrites, stupid, cowards.

Come on assholes keep up the stoning and the beating till you finish each other off. You dont really deserve to live.

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  • dont be such a fool....they deserve to live.. mayb you dont deserve to live if you cant accept differences in societies!!

    Algeria and Egypt are rivals.. period!! its what happens when England and Germany play each other.... India vs Pakistan, New zealand vs Australia.. Uganda vs Rwanda to mention but a few...

    Soccer is soccer... but it can be emotional too... so dont think like a fool my friend unless you are a fool!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:18 AM, November 22, 2009  

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