Sunday, October 11, 2009

So it's the niqab now??

I am really pissed off because the last thing I remember was that we were having a debate about whether women should wear the veil or not. This has now developed (or regressed to be more accurate) into a debate on whether the fucking niqab should be worn.

This is a brief chronology of our sad regression: 60 or 70 years ago people like Salama Mousa were promoting very liberal and progressive ideas about women rights and liberation. 30 or 40 years ago you would walk in the streets od Cairo and not see a single veil (back then there were two types of women: the westernized and the baladi with their "melaya laf" which I do not consider a veil. It is more of a traditional dress like the Indian sari). Women back then were well on their way to freedom and empowerment. They were getting jobs and careers and achieving some really impressive shit.

Come the eighties (the Iran revolution, Sadat assasination and the CIA paying fucking millions to prop up the mujahedeen in Afghanistan against the evil soviets) we started seeing the veil and islamistts were definitely on the rise.

From there, things got from bad to worse with the help of some really nasty dudes like Sadat, Reagan, Bin laden and Dubya (to mention just a few).

Well. Tonight booze is the answer cause I dont like the question.

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