Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Hamas Dickheads Exposed

More than a year ago a video emerged on Youtube showing a senior Hamas official, Ghazi Hamad hanging out with babes. Very un-hamas isn't it? Interestingly someone managed to get the original video off Youtube, but it was posted again.

Where is Ghazi Hamad now? Any wild guesses? Is he fighting with the Mujahideen? No. Is he planning the strategy in a secret bunker in Gaza? No. Is he firing Qassams? No. I'll tell you...

The coward, the chicken, the little fundi piece of shit is in Egypt to coordinate relief efforts with Egyptian officials. He appeared on Egyptian TV today on the Egyptian side of Rafah talking to the governor of North Sinai and looking very serious. Ghazi Hamad... fuck you... relief effort my ass... why aren't you with your people? You started this shit didn't you?.

People, this is Hamas and this is how all jihadi dickheads are. They pretend to be pious and pure but all along they are nothing but corrupt greedy power crazed bullshitters. If you were a Palestinian would you die for Hamas? I certainly wouldn't.

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