Monday, January 05, 2009

Palestinians and Israelis are Doomed

The images of dead and imjured Palestinian babies and children beamed on TV 24 hours a day are very disturbing. Many see the Israeli actions as criminal and disproportionate which kinda makes sense given that the arithmetic of death stands currently at 500+ Palestinians (including more than 100 children) to 5 Israelis. The weird thing is that the Israelis who say they are defending themselves have killed a hell of alot of civillians, but they claim that they are doing their utmost best to avoid civillian deaths, while Hamas are deliberately trying to kill Israeli civillians with their ineffective Qassams because this is the only way at their disposal to resist the occupation. Who has the moral high ground here? Does Israel have a right to protect its civillians from the Hamas rockets at any cost or do the Palestinians have the right to resist? Both sides have historical and religious justifications and both believe their own shit. Only two ways forward from here, either a quick solution to the Arab Israeli conflict which seems very unlikely or a continuation of the killing and the suffering for years to come with more suicide attacks on Israeli pizza parlours and more killing of Palestinian children.

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