Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally, proof that the Saudi religious police are dick heads

For the past 80 years, the Saudi religious police, which in reality is a group of mentally disturbed human oil slicks with beards, have been given a license to discriminate, abuse and in some cases kill innocent people.

It is beyond my comprehension why they have not been disbanded and locked up in a psychiatric ward. Somehow those in charge of Saudi Arabia do not believe what the whole world (and even Saudis themsleves) are saying, which is that the religious police are dick heads.

Finally there is proof. They recently decided to ban the sale of cats and dogs.

If you think that is totally mad, wait till you hear the reason behind this ban...

The sale of cats and dogs was banned in Saudi Arabia in order to keep the sexes apart. They realized that a single man walking a dog in the park is sure to attract women.

How sick is this?

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