Sunday, May 03, 2009

In Egybt, we kill za big

Police clashed with grabage collectors who raise pigs in Manshiyet Naser today.

Egyptian government officials are well known for their ineptness and stupidity, but every once in a while they demonstrate phenomenal ass-holiness. They decided to slaughter the entire pig population of Egypt (with a few exceptions) to protect the country from the swine flu.

The World Health Organization and other UN bodies tried to explain that killing za bigs is not necessary, but the decision has already been taken and they didnt want to look stupid by raising their hands and admitting they were wrong.

Instead the authorities have now expanded the rationale for the slaughter beyond swine flu to a larger campaign against unsanitary pig farming conditions, particularly in the Cairo slums where the garbage collectors live... Very clever.

The true motive is to appease the Islamists, but this is a very dangerous game. Today it's pigs, tomorrow who knows? Maybe communists or athiests or gays or belly dancers??? We'll see.

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