Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mrs. Bin Laden Again

The story of Bin laden's son marrying a British grandmother twice his age has taken an interesting twist.

Omar Osama Bin Laden is upset about the publicity that his wedding attracted. He told Al Watan Newspaper that her nationality is not an issue for him. What matters to him is her religion and her good behavior, but according to this Mrs. Bin Laden's behaviour hasn't been that good. She has been cheating on the Al Qaida's big boss's son. What will Omar Bin Laden do now? Stone his new bride to death?

The other interesting thing is that in this article, Mrs. Bin Laden is quoted as saying that her husband trained to be a terrorist in Afghanistan till he was 19 years old, but then he left his father "because he wanted to see the world and didn't want to fight and die young."

This is really amazing. Osama Bin Laden persuaded loads of young men to die for him, but couldn't convince his own son or maybe he didn't want to.

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