Saturday, June 30, 2007

the ultra religious invasion

It saddens me when I see the Egyptian society becoming a backward ultra religious male dominated and female oppressing society.

I was invited to an engagement party and the scene there was horrifying:

The father of the bride borrowed his neighbour's appartment in order to seggregate men and women. The women in the girls flat and the men in the neighbour's flat.

Ofcoarse no music, no dancing and no open bar. Just bearded men sitting and talking.

In the women's flat all were either veiled or niqabed and the same sombre mood. More like a funeral really.

Throughout the "party" the groom stayed in the men's flat. I asked the father of the bride how the groom will offer the engagement ring to his fiancee if they are in two different flats and the answer I got was: "The groom's mother will give the ring to the girl"!!!

"Why?" I asked in horror and the girl's father said, "if we let him give her the ring himself he will have to hold her hand and that would be haram wouldn't it?"

What the fuck is going on in this country? Has everybody gone mad? These are not hard line terrorists. They are supposed to be normal people. The Egyptian society has transformed over the past 30 years from a relaxed secular society to a weirdly radicalized one thanks to Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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  • Scary.

    Makes one wonder about the sincerity of the term "moderate" Muslim.

    I mean, I don't doubt their existance in Egypt but true (emphasis on "true") moderates are a rapidly dying breed, and not just in Egypt.

    And I GO to parties for the opposite sex and free booze...so then what's the point?

    By Blogger EgyPeter, At 8:51 PM, July 02, 2007  

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