Thursday, June 21, 2007

A brain fart

I started blogging on the internet 47 years ago when computers were made out of wood and switched on with a مانافيللا. During this long period I like to think that I have gained a little bit of wisdom.

I discovered for example that my posts are not worth ثلاثة تعريفة. They must be worthless because Ali Gomaa is still the mufti, the muslim brothers are still popular, the police are still torturing people, Kareem Amer is still in prison and Mubarak will remain president till he dies.

I realized that finding a topic to blog about is like trying to stop a taxi in Cairo, you wait for ages and nothing happens and then three come at the same time.

But I also learned that there are things in life that I will never understand like why is a meal cooked in the oven called مسقعة? Why is the pot we boil tea in called براد? Why can't Egyptians learn how to queue? Why women still wear the veil? Why is Egyptian state TV still watched?



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