Sunday, November 29, 2009

Egypt, Algeria... It's Not About Football

Two Algerian students in Cairo were attacked inside their flat and Egyptian doctors refused to provide necessary care for the simple reason that these students were of… Algerian nationality.

A video of the attack was posted on youtube. The video shows the attackers inside the apartment and throwing furniture and personal belongings of the two students in the street. This makes me ashamed to be Egyptian.

Egyptians are bottling up so much anger and humiliation inside them for reasons that have nothing to do with footbal or with Algeria. They feel helpless and are very confused about who to blame for their misfortunes. Is it Israel? The West? America? Mubarak? The Islamists? Nobody knows and things are getting worse by the day. The poor are getting poorer, jobs are harder to find, the future looks very grim for the younger generations, so this was just an opportunity to invent an enemy and vent out some of the anger.

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