Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Copt & Muslim thingie again

There has been three mysterious incidents lately involving Egyptian Copts.

Wednesday 28 May: Gunmen storm and jewelery shop owned by Copts, kill the owner and three employees and flee without stealing anything.

Friday 30 May: A gang raids a jewelery shop in alexandria, steal money and jewelery (worth 190,000 pounds) and flee.

Saturday 31 May: A Muslim died and four copts injured in clashes that broke out when a monastery began building a wall around neighbouring property after receiving final approval from the authorities earlier this year.

Copts are rightly terrified and Muslims are on the defensive. Three incidents accross the country in less than a week. Coincidence? Trouble between Muslims and Copts will justify the state of emergency, will cast serious doubts about the ability of the Muslim Brotherhood Dickheads (the strongest political opposition) to rule Egypt. It provides a very convenient distraction from issues like corruption, human rights abuses and democracy. It will convince many people to accept autocratic police state tactics to save them from the sectarian demon. It will show Egyptians as bigoted religious maniacs who need to be ruled with an iron fist otherwise we'll become another Iraq. I'm not accusing the government of doing it or ruling out the other possible motives (criminal or sectarian), but it's definitely the biggest possible winner in this and it ultimately possesses the military oomph to crush any violence that might errupt and bring things back to order.



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