Monday, May 26, 2008

Tow more years of emergency

Egyptian "parliarmentarians" approved a government request to extend emergency law. Yes, two more years of emergency (which started in 1981).

The government is saying that the emergency law will only be used in the fight against terrorism... and to protect the security of the nation and its citizens. That's very thoughtful from our octogenerian boss, very clever, but did it slip his mind to think about retiring? Understandable, I guess alot of things slip his mind these days.

I heard from well informed sources that his doctor recently gave him a memory test. The doctor asked him, "What is three times one?" "274," was his reply. Then the doctor asked him, "What is three times two?" "Tuesday," he replied. The doctor asked him a third question, "Okay. What's three times three?" "Nine," he said. "That's great!" said the doctor. "How did you get that?" "Simple," he said, "just added 274 to Tuesday."

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