Monday, May 05, 2008

Did anybody say strike?

So yesterday's "strike" failed miserably. I have a few observations about this:

- The Muslim Brothers are not that big a threat to the government. It is supposed to be the strongest opposition group and it supported the strike, but nobody listened. Maybe this is why they didn't support the 6th of April strike. They knew it would expose them. No surprize there, that's how Islamists are they talk alot of bullshit without any real substance.

- All the so called political activists, liberals, lefties, Kefayas, Facebookers, bloggers, etc. are all irrelevant and phoney. Again no surprize there.For fucks sake they asked people to wear black and bang pots and pans from their home windows and balconies. Please... are they for real? I mean I don't particularly like Mubarak but I'm not going to bang pots from my window. Get lost you losers.

- The only real threat to the government is the spontaneous outbursts of anger and frustration from the poor and deprived, the Mahalla and Kafr El Zayat workers.

- This might seem like good news for the government, there is no real threat from any organized opposition and all they have to do is keep a grip on the economy and sustain some sort of social fucking justice to keep the poor from exploding, but they are so incompetent, corrupt and dysfunctional that even this might prove to be difficult.

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