Saturday, March 03, 2007

Holy Shit

Al-Azhar is a loose cannon. After successfully jailing Kareem Amer, they are now going after the novelist Nawal El Saadawi.

Al Azhar is threatening legal action against Saadawi, accusing her of insulting religions. Saadawi is 75 years old and has published more than 40 books that have been translated into dozens of languages, yet these cunts want to jail her, so she rightly decided to leave Egypt. I don't blame her.

Saadawi said that she was fed up with the complacency and cowardice of Egyptian intellectuals and their unwillingness to stand up to intimidation. She is right. Egyptian so called "intellectuals" are pussies and just as bad as the Azhar assholes who want to jail Saadawi.

Now this is the really weird part. Sheikh Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi (the Sheikh of Al Azhar) will be visiting Pope Benedict in the Vatican this month.

Islamists have condemned Tantawi's planned visit because the Pope was accused last year of insulting Islam. Tantawi's critics say that if he meets the Pope then he condones the Pope's insults to Islam. Who knows, maybe they will take legal action against Tantawi.

There is a bit of a contradiction here. How can Tantawi call for Saadawi to be jailed for insulting Islam and then go visit the Pope, who is also accused by Islamists of insulting Islam? A bit of double standards? maybe, but personally, I am not surprized that Tantawi and the Pope want to meet, after all these two guys have alot in common, they are both fascists.

I have a very good solution for all this shit. I think that The Pope, Tantawi and all the other Azhar guys who want to sue Saadawi, should participate in the Beijing Olympics next year.

They should take part in the javelin throw competitions, as targets.

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