Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bad Luck

I once knew a very unlucky guy who was diagnosed with alopecia (which is basically loss of hair or baldness). He bought a book entitled "Coping With Hair Loss", took it home, and all the pages fell out.

But the strongest definition of bad luck I have ever read is when a New Yorker wakes up to find that he is the sole survivor of a terrible global war. After spending years desperately searching for another human being, the lonely man gives up and decides to end his life by jumping from the top of the Empire State Building. As he falls , he passes the 25th floor, and hears the phone ring...

Why am I telling you this? Because although I am not superstitious, I am convinced that among all the regions on this planet, the Middle East suffers from more than it's fair share of bad luck.

Is there any other part of this world that has suffered as much shit for thousands of years? The scale of death, destruction, hatred, poverty, wealthy assholes (and all other kinds of assholes) that we have is unmatched throughout history.

Any kind of bullshit you can think of was either invented in the Middle East or passionately adopted.

It would be very unlucky for me if this post is interpreted as an insult to religions or to the president. Therefore I would like to make it very clear that I never meant to imply that Judaism, Christianity, Islam or Mubarak are among the misfortunes of this region.

You see, I would love to meet Kareem Amer one day, but outside prison please.



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