Monday, February 19, 2007

I feel very sorry for Kareem

Kareem Amer, the Egyptian blogger imprisoned since November last year for expressing his athiest views on the internet and criticizing Al Azhar and the Egyptian government and society has received another blow. His father is now disowning him.

Kareem's views are shocking and offensive to many Egyptians, but does he deserve all this? Andy Warhol once said that the best answer sometimes is "so what?". The case of Kareem should have been a "so what?" moment for Egyptians, yet he was expelled from university, then imprisoned, then put on trial where he faces a very long jail term, and now his own father has disowned him.

I don't know how he is coping with all this. You would expect love and support from a father for his child in such a situation (not to mention support for his son's right to freedom of expression). In short Kareem's father is an ignoranus (no that's not a misprint. It means he is both ignorant and an asshole).

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  • That's devestating news about his father! So sad but NOT unprecedented.

    I am eagerly anticipating (but very worried) what the verdict will be. I'm afraid the result will be a blow to Freedom of Expression in Egypt...

    And well said Zab (made me chuckle) - his father IS an ignoranus. :)

    And ya know what, even if this poor kid is freed...what kind of future does he now have in Egypt? I'm afraid he's gotta leave the country. But then what happens to Egypt when all the free-minded people leave? It will be left to the extremists.

    Can't help but wonder where Egypt will be in 10 or 20 years...

    By Blogger Egypeter, At 1:32 AM, February 20, 2007  

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