Sunday, April 10, 2011

The AYE's

OMG, as the young people say these days, AYE's (angry young Egyptians) have changed the face of Egypt and the world in the past few decades. Not necessarily in a good way, but they changed things in a big way.

When Sadat fucked up and ruled Egypt not like the president of a great nation but as عمدة ميت أبو الكوم, an AYE called Khaled Al Islambouli assassinated him.

Come the eighties, AYE's were allowed by Mubarak to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan with CIA money and some of them later "progressed" to become senior Al Qaeda scumbags.

They recruited more AYE's to do horrible things and one Mohammad Atta lead the group that brought down the world trade center on 911.

After AYT's brought down Bin Ali on the 14th of Jan, AYE's did the same to Mubarak with such courage and heroism that made us all believe that the revolution is a new era for Egypt, the Middle East and the world.

If the army, the Muslim Brothers or the salafis try to hijack the revolution, the AYE's will fry their asses.

Young people now must feel that they are living in a fair society that is not marginalising them into terrorism and crime and must be given equal opportunity in education and employment.

Sadly, it wasnt only Mubarak and his cronies who were corrupt. The whole society was either directly corrupt or condoning corruption in one form or the other (including you and me).

Some very big employers in Egypt have not advertised a job for decades simply because every single job is "given". This has to stop and I am not hearing anyone talking about it.

If I ever hear of someone's son being appointed where his father works, whether it is the presidency or Egyptian TV, I will burn myself Boazizi style

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