Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gaddafi will be removed soon

The NATO intervention in Libya does not enjoy the support of everyone in the Middle East or in the west, but it had to be done to stop Gaddafi from committing a massacre against Libyan civilians.

Nobody wants a prolonged war in Libya which could mean that the western foreign powers are pushing for the desired swift conclusion.

The military operation started with enforcing the no-fly-zone then it moved on to hitting Gaddafi's armoured columns in a switch to what some called the no-drive-zone.

Today the rebels managed to make major gains backed by the NATO attacks and regained Ajdabya, Breiga, Ras Lanouf, Bin Jawwad and are now hoping to capture Gaddafi's tribal stronghold, Sirte.

It is almost certain that foreign special forces are helping the rebels using a technique employed in places like Afghanistan, where a small team of 6 or 7 special forces soldiers would lead the rag tag rebel fighters and turn them into a formidable fighting force capable of taking on the Gaddafi troops.

It will be over soon, I think.

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  • have you seen the islamic fundmintalist today they protested infront of supreme court in Dokki wanting Kamelia to come back from capture threatning every christian or simply unveiled woman of recieving the same fate as kamelia (assuming that she is dead) until kamelia appears back on surface, scary is not it, makes you miss Amn El Dawla

    By Blogger maf2ou3a, At 9:40 PM, March 29, 2011  

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