Thursday, October 04, 2007

Do you think like that?

How many people do you know who think like that? I know a few!

- Parents should feel proud if their child is a bully at school.
- When a man is feared by his wife and children because he can be abusive (physically or verbally), then this man is seen as a man of strong character.
- Big men get more respect than small men.
- Only a weak man allows his wife not to submit totally to him.
- A person's power is proportional with the number of people this person directly controls and being brutal with the people you control is sometimes needed. After all others will not respect you unless they fear you.
- Weak people are fair game.
- Poor people are weak people.
- Being a woman and being poor are not that different.
- People who make a fuss about animal abuse are pussies.



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