Saturday, March 17, 2007


Al-Azhar university has been getting alot of bad press lately after they managed to jail the blogger Kareem Amer. So the university decided to improve it's image by introducing American style fast food restaurants to it's campuses.

They thought American fast food is cool and would give the impression that Al-Azhar is not anti-western or a bastion of fundamentalism (like Kareem Amer thought).

But it seems that somebody fucked up with the menu.

Top of the menu is the "Saudi Arabian 9/11 Special Meal"

What's that?

"Two Flaming Tower Burgers With A Big Apple Crumble".



  • In 1986, I met with some German tourists in Sinai, one of them was older and turned out to be a political scientist on a trip with his students; that guy told me then that Azhar is filling the brains of his students with fundametalism, and hate, and that we as a society will ultimatly pay the price! of course, at that time I was still a student, I thought he doesn't understand anything about Egypt or Azhar, now I remember his words, and they make perfect sense to me...

    By Blogger Nah┬Ědet Masr, At 7:06 PM, March 17, 2007  

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