Sunday, March 11, 2007

Abul Gheit in Denial

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Abul Gheit denounced the annual human rights report issued by the U.S. State Department and which criticized the Egyptian government's human rights record.

Why didn't Abul Gheit like the State department's report? Well, according to him:

- The allegations in the report are "inappropriate".
- Those who wrote the report have no idea of the real facts.
- The report overlooked the numerous recent positive developments Egypt has achieved.
- The United Nations has not given any country the right to supervise human rights conditions in the world.

What did the report say?

The government's respect for human rights remained poor, and serious abuses continued in many areas. These included:
- Limitations on the right of citizens to change their government.
- A state of emergency, in place almost continuously since 1967.
- Torture and abuse of prisoners and detainees.
- Poor conditions in prisons and detention centers.
- Impunity.
- Arbitrary arrest and detention, including prolonged pretrial detention
- Executive branch limits on an independent judiciary.
- Denial of fair public trial and lack of due process.
- Political prisoners and detainees.
- Restrictions on civil liberties--freedoms of speech and press, including internet freedom, assembly and association.
- Some restrictions on religious freedom.
- Corruption and lack of transparency.
- Some restrictions on NGOs.
- Discrimination and violence against women, including female genital mutilation.



  • Ha ha! That's JUST a starter's list!!

    I read his response to the sorry state of affiars and couldn't help but laugh. Incompetency runs from top to bottom in our government.

    This line gave me the sharpest laughing pain:

    "The United Nations has not given any country the right to supervise human rights conditions in the world."

    LOL! How embarassing. And a similar tactic I've seen from the Egyptian government - don't address the issue but attack the accuser. Sad.

    By Blogger Egypeter, At 3:41 AM, March 12, 2007  

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