Sunday, October 15, 2006

We Have Our Own Fucked Up Veil Controversies

ًWe have a veil crisis in Egypt too

A few days ago, President of Helwan University Abdel-Hai Ebeid banned students wearing the niqab (batman costume) from residing at the university's hostel, citing security reasons.

Why did he do this? Well, he was worried about men secretely slipping into the women's hostel!!!

Before banning the veil, Ebeid hired females to check the faces of the students wearing the niqab at the hostel entrance. But the president felt that it would be impossible to check each and every student, since nearly 50 per cent of the 700 hostel residents wear the niqab. "This is absurd, especially during Ramadan when all the students arrive at the hostel at the same time," he explained.

All the students at the hostel wearing the niqab have since taken it off, opting to only wear the hijab (head cover) in order not to be turned out on the street. Most hostel residents come from distant governorates and have nowhere else to stay, but they are not happy and hundreds continue to demonstrate against the decision.


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