Monday, May 02, 2011

Egyptian TV Embracing Censorship

The head of Egyptian TV decided today to impose ridiculous censorship rules on drama that is broadcast on all it's channels, by cutting out all scenes showing hugging or kissing. This is a worrying sign amid others like introducing more religious programs including one presented by the hardline televangelist Amr Khaled.

The Egyptian revolution called for freedom and dignity and this should include freedom of artistic expression and ending all forms of censorship, but there are forces that are intent on pulling us backward and making us kiss our newfound freedom goodbye.

To understand the dangers it may be useful to listen Henry Kissinger's revolution rules:

One is: you cannot judge the outcome of a revolution by the proclamations of those who make it. Secondly, those who make it rarely survive the process of the revolution – so the second wave of the revolution is tremendously important. Third, the greater the upheaval the revolution causes, the more likely is it that in order to restore order and a sense of legitimacy a lot of force gets used…

Kissinger went on to say:

I think we are now in Scene One of Act One of a five-act drama and it will develop over a considerable period of time.

Dangerous times ahead and the most scary thing is that the extremists are organizing themselves and planning and dividing the roles while the liberals and seculars and leftists and nationalists are being extremely naive and complacent.

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