Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Ben Laden is Killed: Good Riddance

This is the good news I have been wanting to happen for many years.

Osama Ben Laden, a mass murderer, a piece of shit, a terrorist has been killed.

These are the details I found about the operation:

Ben Laden was living in a million dollar mansion in the city of Abbottabad in Pakistan, 45 Km north of Islamabad and 200 Km east from the Afghanistan borders.

He was living there with his youngest wife and a number of his sons. The house did not have a phone line or internet connection so he depended on couriers to stay in touch with his gang.

It is thought that these couriers helped the Americans get to Osama.

A team of special forces (25 Navy Seals) stormed the compound on Sunday night. They came in from Afghanistan on 4 helicopters. A firefight occured and Ben Laden was asked to surrender before he was shot in the head and killed.

Osama himself fired shots at the US special forces.

A number of people were killed including one of his sons and a woman who was used as a human shield.

The US forces took custody of Ben Laden's body and will probably release a picture of it soon a Pakistani TV station showed a picture of the body, but it turned out to be a fake.

News reports are saying that the body has been disposed of. He was thrown in the sea (fish food).

I want to see the special forces helmet camera footage!

Strangely, the house were Osama was hiding was about 100 meters away from a Pakistani military academy.

He had to be killed because the idea of someone who can lead a global killing machine that took many thousands of innocent lives and be allowed to live comfortably was an insult to justice and to all victims of Al Qaeda.

Good riddance and all salafi scumbags should now realize that the message to them is:

If you kill innocent people, you will get killed.

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