Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Bin Laden: The Story of a Naughty Wahabi Boy Who Wanted to Rule the World

Osama Bin Laden (March 10, 1957 – May 1, 2011). He was brought up in Saudi Arabia like a propper Wahabi scumbag, learning that everyone who is not a salafi deserves to be killed. Osama, like many of the jihadi bosses had leadership ambitions. That's not necessarily a bad thing in democratic society, but salafi leadership aspirants are big trouble makers.

In his early twenties he travelled to Afghanistan to fight the soviets. His success as a leader could probably be attributed largely to his wealth, which gave him the power to call the shots. He returned to Saudi Arabia after the soviets were expelled from Afghanistan. His supporters gave him a hero's status but he fell out with King Fahd and the house of Saud because when Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990 he didnt want the Americans to be involved in the liberation of Kuwait. He offered to sort it out with his mujahedeen. It was obvious to Fahd that this was a very ambitious young man who wanted to emerge as a pan Arab leader, so Fahd told Osama to fuck off and called in the Americans to evict Saddam from Kuwait.

Osama went to Sudan in the early nineties and started to hook up with various salafi scumbag groups like Egypt's Al Gamaa Al Isalmiya. He financed Islamic groups who wanted to overthrow Mubarak in Egypt and paid for his mujahedeen to fight with the Bosnian Muslims in the Balkans war against the Serbs and the Croats.

Mubarak played a dirty game with Osama and his boys, he wanted to use them to justify his importance as an anti-terrorist ally of the West, but in 1995 Osama tried to assassinate Mubarak in Ethiopia. It became impossible for Osama to stay in Sudan so he returned to Afghanistan and his ambitions became global. He set up Al Qaeda and started his campaign of death. He killed 62 Swiss and Japanese tourists in a single attacke in Luxor in 1997 and blew up the US embassies in Nairobi and Daressalam in 98.

He wanted global domination so he had to plan big (9/11). From there the rest is history with the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

The recent revolutions in the Middle East were very bad news for Osama because it showed him that young people can achieve in a few weeks what he couldn't achieve since the eighties.

And ofcoarse the second piece of very bad news for him was that the CIA managed to locate him. The news was delivered to him by a team of navy seals late night yesterday. He did not take it very well. He got angry, grabbed his AK47 and told the American soldiers to go away. They put a hole in his head and that was the end of a naughty Wahabi boy who wanted to rule the world.

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