Monday, April 16, 2007


Finally ladies and gentlemen Al Nas TV proudly presents to you our Islamic version of American Idol. Yeah baby.

It won't have any of that decadent haram singing crap. Instead the contestants will recite Quraan and they will all be men (ofcoarse... what did you think? you were expecting to hear women's voices?)

Women are only allowed to watch and vote for their favorite guy.

The candidates of Egypt's 'American Idol' will have the possibility of studying the Quraan with professors and clerics from the Al Azhar University (LOL lucky bastards).

And wait, here is the best part: the winner will be able to record a CD and take part in television shows. This is very glamourous, but sadly, I will not take part in the competition. I was always hopeless in memorizing Quraan (shame on me).

Hani al Bana, the director of the Al Nas broadcaster, said that "the aim of the programme was to help the rise of new talents and create new preachers who are able to touch the heart of the people."

This is soooooooooooo cool.

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