Sunday, December 24, 2006

Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood group is on the rise in Egypt. After making significant wins in last year's parliamentary elections, they have been flexing their muscles on issues like the veil, paramilitary parades and talk of possessing an armed militia. It is a fact that they constitute the only real opposition force in Egypt (the rest are dick heads), but it beggars belief that some people are still giving them the benefit of the doubt and are hoping that they would one day "play democracy" with everybody else.

This is just plain bullshit. The group's founder, Hassan Al Banna shunned the idea of multi paty politics and democracy. Their prominent thinker and theorist, Sayed Kotb thought that the Egyptian state and society is apostate. The former head of the group, Mustafa Mash'hour, once said that disagreeing with the group is tantamount to disageeing with god and the prophet of Islam. The current head, Mahdi Akef said the group has an armed militia. In addition, they refuse the notion of secularism. A secular is a kafir son of a bitch who will burn in hell and separating state and religion is out of the question for them.

It is easy therefore to see where they are heading. An Islamic state.

Muslim Brothers, FUCK YOU.



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