Saturday, November 11, 2006

Egyptian Police Brutality

The Sandmonkey's blog has a new post about police brutality in Egypt. It contains a link to video showing a police officer torturing a man by inserting a wooden stick in his anus. Very disturbing video. My first reaction when I saw this shit was that this video should be removed from the internet because the victim is clearly identifiable (or his face should be obscured). What this video exposes is that Egyptian police employs terrorists not law enforcement officers. If police services around the world were buildings, the Egyptian Police would be a public toilet, seriously filthy and always out of order. On the ministry of interior's web site, I found the minister Habib El Adly's email, so I sent him an email asking him to investigate the video, prosecute the officer who did this and all the dick heads who appear in the video and compensate the victim and while he's at it release Kareem Amer and resign. I know he wont reply because he is a criminal himself and should be tried along with all his sadist scumbags.


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