Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stingray Backlash

The actions of a single stingray fish in Australia has led to a vicious backlash on the whole stingray population.

Stingrays, I sympathize with you.

Read this:

At least 10 stingrays have been found dead and mutilated on Australia's eastern coast since «Crocodile Hunter» Steve Irwin was killed by one of the animals last week, an official said Tuesday, prompting concerns of revenge attacks on the normally docile fish.
The popular television star was killed last week when a stingray barb pierced his chest as he filmed a TV show off Australia's Great Barrier Reef, prompting an outpouring of grief in Australia and among his fans worldwide. The dead stingrays have been discovered on two beaches in Queensland state, including two that were found Tuesday with their tails lopped off, state fisheries department official Wayne Sumpton said. Sumpton said fishermen who inadvertently catch the diamond-shaped rays sometimes cut off their tails to avoid being stung, but the practice is uncommon. Michael Hornby, the executive director of Irwin's conservation group Wildlife Warriors, said he was concerned the rays were being hunted and killed in retaliation for the TV star's death. He said killing stingrays was «not what Steve was about.»
«We are disgusted and disappointed that people would take this sort of action to hurt wildlife,» he said.

I hope they dont start profiling fish.


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