Friday, May 11, 2007


All married couples quarrel sometimes and when they do, they might say or do something that they would regret later on. They can hurt each other verbally and in extreme cases physically.

Husbands who beat their wives are the scum of the earth, but I can't find words to describe the Saudi man who threw his wife out of the window. Warning: this is a shocking video from Al Arabiya website.

The veiled woman clings to the ledge with two hands as her feet dangle off what appears to be the third floor. Finally, after a short struggle, the man is seen returning inside, abandoning the woman as she screams for help. The voices of shocked spectators can be heard on the ground below from the vantage point of the cameraman. But within a few seconds, it’s all over. The woman suddenly loses her grip, her left leg snapping on the balcony below as she plummets toward the ground.

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