Saturday, February 03, 2007

Nazif Eats "Lib" In Parliament

I think that the relationship between Egyptians and their rulers is at an all time low. Nothing pleases us as much as the sight of one of them humiliated or tumbling unceremoniously to earth. I would go as far as saying that even their deaths can bring a smile to our cruel and bitter hearts... and they know it.

This view was vindicated today by the latest of the moronic decisions that the government dick heads take on regular basis.

Egyptian news photographers have been excluded from parliament following the snapping of an embarrassing picture of the prime minister Ahmad Nazif eating watermelon seeds (lib) during a parliamentary session.

Eating lib (azazet el lib) in our culture is like twiddling your thumbs when you have nothing better to do, so a prime minister who eats lib in parliament is basically a certified asshole.

The picture of Nazif published on Al Masri Al Youm newspaper made him a laughing stock, AND WE LOVED IT, but instead of somebody telling the prime minister gently to stop acting like an idiot, they ban photographers from parliament.

Understandable. It is easier for them to ban photographers than to stop acting like idiots. Anyway that would be too much to ask from them.


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