Friday, April 06, 2007

First Kareem and now Manal and Alaa

Egyptian bloggers caught a judge red handed plagiarising a report published by a human rights organization, so he decides to take the bloggers to court accusing them of tarnishing the reputation of Egypt and insulting the president. Sounds very familliar right?

Judge Abdel Fattah Mourad doesn't stop there. He accuses the bloggers Manal and Alaa and Gamal Eid, director of the Arabic Human Rights Network of insulting him (does insulting people like Mourad break any laws? It shouldn't).

Acouple of days ago, the three were called for an interrogation by a public attorney, who decided to release them after the interrogation but the police detained them for ten hours.

The bloggers in Egypt are pissing the government off so much that it has decided to mobilize Al-Azhar, the police and some dick head judges and lawyers to silence them.

Ok... This is the first competition on this blog. Which of the following words cannot be used to describe Mourad:

jerk, ass, idiot, dick, douchebag, anus, loser, dickhead, shit, dumbass, prick ,cunt, moron, fucker, stupid, butthole, fuck, bastard, retard, pussy, jackass, butt, fucktard, shithead, cock, asshat, motherfucker, rectum, dipshit, poop, cocksucker, wanker, twat, bunghole, annoying?

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